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Packing Material

DBX advocate environmental concept, we adopt reusable and degradable material when choosing packing material in order to save cost and reduce waste, making every used packing box transform into treasure. Packing material can be dissolved in the nature without destroying the environment, which is accordant withenvironmental concepts but also symbolize the life origin from nature and return to nature. DBX is in compliance with the principles of "ecological priority”, including production technology, product raw material and the packaging.

Recycle Used Screen

Nowadays, mobile phones are being discarded more and more quickly because of rapid development, which also lead to lots of electronic waste. When new smartphone launched,many people will scrappage their phone for a new one or repair their damage phone screen.In this way, these phone parts replaced become electronic waste.Committed to contribute to environmental protection, DBX provide a channel for recycling broken LCD Screens. DBX Technical team will test broken LCD screens to recycle useful Phone parts without wasting any piece of useful resource.