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About DBX

DBX is creating the supply chains of cellphone parts from China to the West, with a mission to make cellphone aftermarket better and simply.


Founded in 1998 in Guangzhou, China, as in the past, DBX was a trader of cell phone parts and with the years’ precipitation, DBX has established a long-term partnership with thousands of repair shops and wholesalers in the worldwide. Today we upgrade our service and offer end to end supply chain solution, from raw material sourcing, factory selection, quality control, package to inland and global logistics.


“Fast Delivery” is the core of our service principle, we promised orders will be sent within 5 working days upon receipt of the payment.


Our Mission

Keep the cellphone aftermarket better and simply.


Social Responsibility

We are committed to trying to extending the life of mobile phones, reduce the number of mobile phone use, so as to reduce electronic waste, to achieve the goal of environmental protection.


Our Value

Our values form the basis for our culture, business strategies and brand.


Responsibility: concern about the staff grow, to be honest with customer, mutual benefit for the partner, and pay attention to the environmental protection.


Striving: Keep emotion of passionate, positive and hopeful for the job.


Innovative: Seeking for a sustainable development for the industry of cellphone aftermarket.


Sharing: We are happy to share what we learn or know with our fellows, partners and customers.



6 Core Competence
With more than 18 years experience, our sales team are able to provide workable solution and support to meet customers’ need from different regions.
Efficient ERP system make sure our order run fluency.
We established a long-term partnership with thousands of Repair Shops and wholesalers in the worldwide.
DBX move upstream to integrate resources of supply chain, we factory makes effort to supply a cost-effective LCD to our customers.
There is strict inspection on quality, the failure rate is lower than 0.7%.
An experienced Professional Marketing team, handled Promotion for multi-brand.