Welcome to dbx.com.cn
Supply Chain Integration
DBX integrated resources of LCDs supply chain (including the factory of IC,
TP, backlight etc.) We aims to supply cost-effective LCD Complete to our
customers. Beside our own-factory, we also cooperated with many raw
material factories to ensure our monthly OEM order inquiries.
Factory Direct Supply
We are willing to break traditional trade mode, and supply LCD Complete from factories to
our customers directly, the advantages are: 1) To set up a standard inspection
instead of the current mess market. 2) Saving the purchase cost for buyers. 3) Factory
monthly output can ensure a stable supply.
Served for Repair Shops and Wholesalers
With more than 18 years’ experience, our sales team are able to provide workable
solution and support to meet customers’ need from different regions, now we es-
tablished a long-term partnership with thousands of Repair Shops and wholesalers
in USA, European countries, Australia, Mexico, South America etc.
DBX Official On-line Shop
DBX has set up several self-supporting stores at Aliex-
press and ebay, to meet up individuals and buys who
want small amount.