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Product Information


DBX Inside and Outside Home Button Assembly with Flex Cable For iPhone 6 White Color


This item includes:

1. Inside Home Button
2. Outside Home Button
3. Home Button Flex Cable Ribbon



Type: Inside and Outside Home Button Assembly
Compatible with: iPhone 6 White Color model
Weight: 24 (g)
Package weight: 35 (g)



1. The iPhone 6 Home Button replacement can support all the basic functions except for Touch ID.
2. The iPhone 6 Home Button Assembly is available in Black, Gold and White. Here is the White one.Click here for the Gold one. Click here for the Black one.
3. The iPhone 6 Home Button Assembly includes the home button and home button flex.
4. This part replacement is only compatible with the Apple iPhone 6. Please check your model before purchasing.
Notice: According to Apple official statement,all fingerprint data is encrypted, and stored in the secure enclave in A8 chip,that is to say, it can only accessed by the Touch ID sensor.As the Touch ID sensor is tied to the unique logic board inside each iPhone, iPhone 6 will lose Touch ID function forever if the original Touch ID sensor is broken.


Warranty Policy:

Please Note: Usually, all our products come with one year return warranty, but the warranty doesn’t cover physically damaged, Click here to know our detailed warranty policy.