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DBX LCD For Galaxy Ace S5830

1. High quality, brand-new original

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3. Select good quality material, premium craftsmanship

4. 100% Perfect fit

G+G (glass lens+ glass sensor): Only one glass sensor, ITO glass in rhombus structure to support touch in multiple points.

G+F+F(cover glass+ film sensor+ film sensor): Two layers film sensors, ITO glass in rhombus structure to support touching in multiple points.

OGS (one glass solution): Laminate touch screen and glass into one piece. The glass is plated with ITO conductive layer and people directly make coating and photo etch on the glass. This LCD screen will be thinner and cheaper.

In-Cell: Touch panel with sensor ITO under color filter glass.

On-Cell: Touch panel with sensor ITO between polarizer and color filter glass. This technology is much easier than in-cell technology.


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1. Reply inquiries to our customers all over the world in 24 hours (working days);
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