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Resumed Business Notice

Dear customers,

Thank you for your recent concern and trust and support. Our company resumed normal business on February 10th. We collect and sort out several questions that customers have paid more attention to recently and give answers.

Q1: Can i place the order as usual?
A: We are now checking stock and working hard to confirm the supply and price of all products. We will inform you as soon as any news updated. Only a small number of suppliers have stock now, and some prices may rise, so the goods are on a first-come-first-served basis. Insufficient supply is expected to last for around one month. For out-of-stock products, DBX starts offering "PRE-SALE" Services:
Prepaid 50% of the estimated order amount as a deposit, Priority delivery in payment order. If the order is cancelled during the Pre-sale, the deposit will be used as your credit in your DBX account and will not be refunded in cash. Please contact your sales representative directly.

Q2.Will the current product quality be affected?
A: Quality is always the first thing, we will strictly follow the DBX testing standards to provide customers with the best quality.

Q3.Are all shipping channels available now?
A: HK-DHL now is available, other channels are pending, and news will be updated in time.

Q4. What is the situation of domestic market in the same industry?
A: Due to force majeure, some small and medium-sized enterprises are facing bankruptcy due to shortage of funds. DBX reminds customers to be careful when placing orders and try to choose suppliers with high trust.

Q5. What is the current market supply of mobile phone aftermarket?
A: During the epidemic, the entire market information (source price) and shipping conditions are subject to change at any time. If there is any, we will inform you in time.

Q6. Is the China-U.S. Shipping channel available?
A:Delivery to the United States can choose HK-DHL, this channel has not received a notice saying that the delivery will be stopped, and other US customers have also said that they can receive goods normally. If in doubt, it is recommended to call the local DHL for further confirmation. 

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