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Coronavirus Outbreak Latest Industry News 2020.02.19

Coronavirus Outbreak latest Industry News 2020.02.19

As the current epidemic situation is still under control, the time to resume work in China's mobile phone electronics market will be delayed again to April 8.2020
Due to policy restrictions, most factories are still submitting an application for resumption of production, only few factories get approval and produce in small batches. The entire market environment is seriously in short supply.

LCD for iPhone with small parts, LCD Socket Sticker and Battery Sticker are available in stock, please contact your sales representative for updated prices.

Except for iPhones, other brands of LCD supplies can only wait until April 8 to resume work. Currently Samsung S series and A series few stocks available, due to price fluctuations, subject to final order confirmation.

Our battery factory has resumed production, and can receive orders and new enquiries normally. DBX invested a high-quality iPhone battery production lines last year, with a daily production capacity of 10,000 PCS, and the batteries have passed CE & RoHS certification and MSDS certification.

DBX remain you As the market is in short supply, it will cause some people disregard the quality of goods in order to sell out of stock. Please try to choose a reliable supplier to avoid unnecessary losses to your business.

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