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Q1 2021 of the Phone Aftermarket?

What Are the Factors Affecting Buyers' Purchasing Decisions in Q1 2021 of the Phone Aftermarket?

Since the 28th, LCD Assembly Factory and the China's biggest Electronic Wholesale Market have been closed. If you still have goods to sell, congratulations! It means that your stock inventory plan is doing well.

Combined with the current supply status and trends, DBX expects the mobile phone aftermarket to see the following trends of Q1 2021:

Due to the continuous shortage of raw materials glass and IC, and the global epidemic situation has not been improved, the demand for small-size screens has increased, further aggravating the imbalance between supply and demand, and prices have continued to increase.

The impact of the shortage of LCD supply is causing buyers to buy a variety of mixed quality, and it brings great inconvenience to their after-sales problems. Choosing reputable brands or suppliers with their own factories can reduce such problems.

The number of mid-range and high-end quality LCD screens will gradually decrease, and there is great uncertainty about whether the original glass factory will reproduce. In addition to the global IC shortage, the resulting impact is that low-end quality will fill up the shortage of high-end quality in the market, which leads to a significant increase in the purchase cost of overseas buyers.

In summary, whether overseas buyers are pursuing stable quality or paying more attention to price, they have planned their inventory in advance more than ever before. For sellers, good inventory planning and quality control are also challenges for them.

Why is DBX able to achieve continuous supply and the relative stability of each batch in the context of severe shortages in the aftermarket, For example, the "DBX original" series – DS+,DS and DA can meet these two needs of buyers:

In-depth cooperation with upstream factories to purchase glass and ICs and mass-produce them according to DBX quality standards to ensure the stability of each batch.

From the data feedback of overseas orders in the past two years, "DBX original" LCDs can successfully control the return rate to less than 0.48%, which is far ahead of the industry average.

As the first company in the industry to apply for CE and RoHS certifications for LCD screens, it is sufficient to prove DBX's persistence in quality and commitment to customers.

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