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Aftermarket Supreme Plus Grade Master Display for iPhone X Series Release!

  Master, the Best Solution for Aftermarket LCD X Series  


  What Can Master Display Solve for You?  

  A screen that is too thick or does not fit will damage the touch sensitivity, and 30% of touch failures are caused by it. Master original 1:1 appearance structure, 100% fit seamlessly with the cover,The installation effect is thinner and does not damage the touch function.  

  Three Advantages of Master Display  

  [upgrade !] Master Display's quick response makes your game skill release better.  

  【Master Display】
Single-layer double-sided circuit design,improving the screen sensitivity by optimizing the distribution of electrofusion resistance.
  VS   【Aftermarket Display】
G+F Single-layer single-sided circuit design, electrofusion occurs when the finger presses the screen, which affects the screen sensitivity.

  [upgrade !] Master Display featured super touch and sensitive, making the game interface operation more silky.  

  【Master Display】
1:1 restore original touch grid channel, double upgrade of screen touch sensitivity and accuracy
  VS   【Aftermarket Display】
The original channel design is simplified, which directly affects the response of the game interface screen and reduces the game experience.

  [upgrade !] Master Display can quickly respond to user input, game characters activate skills and move faster, and greatly reduce game screen delays.  

  【Master Display】
[Upgrade] Imported Blu-ray film to improve the touch sampling rate, thin material, less static electricity, reduce external interference.
  VS   【Aftermarket Display】
Ordinary plastic materials are thicker and less sensitive to human body temperature. The edges around the screen tend to turn yellow after a period of use.

  Other features of Master Display  

  Supreme Plus   Supreme   High-end   Medium  

  [Grade Master] is assembly of the original glass and assembled touch, this quality screen uses the original screen SOFT OLED technology, 100% appearance structure and installation effect as the original. The touch screen uses the original G+F touch structure ,which makes the screen interface more sensitive. Assemblies are COF(Chip on Flex) which means an IC Chip that is bonded to the flex versus being adhered to the glass, this quality is the real original OLED COF packaging technology, its main feature is screen display window full size.  

  Master Display for IPHX/XR/11 Now is Available!
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