Who We Are

(The New) DBX Brand Introduction video released! Thanks for watching.

2020, DBX will not stop moving forward……

Launch multi-brand generation operation model to provide market and customers with diversified product solutions.

DBX entered the Global Resource Mobile Electronics Show as a smart phone LCD brand and met with more global buyers offline.

The first batch of LCD screens produced by DBX passed CE & RoHS international certification, and the overall return rate was reduced by 50%.

Cooperate with battery factories to launch high-quality iPhone battery production lines, with a daily production capacity of 10,000 PCS, and the batteries have passed CE & RoHS certification and MSDS certification

The first to launch a smart phone LCD brand, which featured high brightness and 360-degree anti-polarization of the mobile phone screen, and was unanimously recognized by customers.03/2018 DBX introduces a third-party inspection system, which can monitor the QC process records of each SKU, and digitize high-end LCD quality parameters.

DBX online shopping dbxstore.com is officially launched, enabling 24 hours online self-service ordering

Transformation of smart phone LCD screen R & D, as well as LCD inspection customization and packaging services

Invested in factories to establish 4 production and R & D bases of different quality screens.

ERP1.0 upgrade to ERP2.0 can be connected to the client ERP system, order inventory data is updated synchronously

DBX's self-developed industry ERP version 1.0 was successfully launched, successfully solving a large number of SKUs in the industry, and greatly improving the efficiency of stocking

1998 – 2015
DBX helped global buyer to purchase mobile phone parts and accessories products. It is the only domestic trading company with a complete range of products.