Extremely Important Notice/ Please hold off on the iOS 16 update

  DBX screen when update to IOS 16—QC pass
Apple has been on a trend in making it hard for third-party for several years now; with previous iPhone models, apple has programmed its software to reject certain parts that were not installed by apple; this included cameras, batteries, and display, which could cause artificial issues, disabled features and warning messages.

It's the same when it comes to IOS 16 as we receiving feedback from the aftermarket that IOS 16 have cause many touch and display issues.

we tested the DBX screen on the IOS 16 iPhone with urgent; After testing, shows that only iPhone 11 series has intermittent touch issue, while two (hard OLED for iPhone 12 pro max and soft OLED for iPhone 11 pro max) of the other aftermarkets were found to have no-display and screen-jumping issues.

we also found it interesting that such functional problems do not only happen in the aftermarket screen but also the original iPhone shows the 'non-original' warning when it is wrapped by the original iPhone parts.

The IOS 16 of the iPhone was found to reject the original parts may be the reason of display issues:
By swapping parts of two disassembled brand-new iPhone 14 Pro identical devices, would somehow find issues, even if they're genuine apple components. The iPhone was rejecting the original parts points to a conclusion that it doesn't seem 3rd party repair is viable on this device, though Apple introduction of the "Self Service Repair" program this year.


  -Two disassembled brand-new iPhone 14 pro with IOS 16-  

  So, here comes to our important advice-- Please hold off on the iOS 16 update. no matter is a genuine iPhone or an aftermarket screen replacement.

No display solution:
If you've already update to IOS 16 and occurs display issues, we recommended you doing one of these to solve it:
-downgrade to 15.7 or less
-update IC
-using recover device for recovering functions
-Wait for the IOS 16.1 version, copy and upgrade

Equipment recommendation:
Here's the effective and maintenance-friendly solution to solve this IOS 16 issues:

  DLZ – R100 Multifunctional True Tone Programmer
1.Support iPhone7-12 Pro Max original color repair.
2.Enable function board expansion update.
3.Support code reading on iOS devices.
4.Compatible with a built-in battery.
5.Support remote system upgrade.
(Contact for more usage guide)

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