Best competitive ever
Always aiming for providing the greatest competitiveness for the repair business of our customers. DBX newly acquired to become the sole global agent of ZEQI. For providing cables, adapters and accessories, ZEQI quality is better than the industry standard, and has a super cost-effective that will definitely surprise you!

What certificates we provide

What we are made of
ZEQI cables and chargers are made with the best materials, with high-end Apple customized chips, original TPU material and 99.99% pure copper to bring perfect Premium solutions to Apple and to Android users.

Ready for Super Power
With wide-orientation of materials and the use of high-end quality materials, we can provide customers with a fully compatible high-current super fast charging.

OD3.8MM / OD4.5MM Tinned Copper
99.99% pure copper
3 cores, 4 cores, 5 cores and 6 cores for optional

Jacket and Shield
Five materials for optional: TPE/PVC/polymer nylon braided
/TPE+nylon braided/antifreeze liquid silicone
Anti-breaking design, swing 10000 times and plug 30000 times,
5 times bend lifespan.

Terminal & Shell
Pure copper or Apple plated real gold terminals
Aluminum alloy shell or PC shell Super hardness,
More anti-oxidation and anti-burnout.

Original chip, intelligent power-off smart chip or Emark chip,
Really fast and safe without hurting the machine.

20W/27W/66W/100W/120W/More for optional

The universal flash charging.

Fully compatible
Charging and transmission two-in-one,
Support Type-C interface fast charge,
support Micro flash charge,
support lightning fast charge, Type-C to Type-C.

High current
2.1A/2.4A/4A/5A/6A/for optional
Support Braided flash charge and super quick charge,
up to 90% faster,
Support iPhone, Huawei SCP/FPC, Xiaomi QC2.0/3.0,
OPPO SUSPER VOO and other flash charging protocols.

1M/1.2M/1.8M/2M/More for optional
Support custom length

We also can provide...
Retractable 3 in 1 cable
3 in 2 cable
And more

Charge can be super
fast and intelligent

With intelligent and fast charging, our charger can speed up 399%,
temperature control system protect the mobile phone from over
current, over voltage.Fully charged iPhone 13 65% in 30 minutes.

Double or single port Fully compatible

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