Order Process&Quality Inspection
The DBX LCD Screens are All Tested Manually!

How are DBX Product Inspections Performed?

DBX performs inspection service for LCD screen according to:

DBX test standard which is normally
strict in a higher level in this field.

Customer's requirements ,
criteria and instructions.

Third-party agent inspection.
What will DBX inspect during an inspection?
1. Customer's order quantity.
2. The visual appearance for LCD touch screen.
3. The functional for LCD touch screen.
4. The labeling and marking.
5. The standard packing/Individual Packing.

DBX Order Procedure Before Shipment

How DBX Test iPhone LCD Screen Assembly?
A Sample Test for Visual Appearance of iPhone LCD Screen Assembly.

Flex Cable: There should be no bending, sunken, incision, dust, missing damaged pins and unusual welding spot between flex cable and connector on the screen.

Sensor Hole:
A. The sensor hole should be transparent , enphotic, no scratch and in the right size.
B. The photoinduction hole should be transparent , enphotic, no scratch and in the right size.

Camera Hole: It should be white and transparent, euphotic. The hole must be in the right position and have the right size to fit well. And the fixing ring must be in the right location.
Speaker Hole: There should not be broken, cracking, paint off, paiting make-up in all around. The hole must be in the same size. And the anti-dust mesh should not be out position.

A. There should be no color difference between lens and frame.
B. There should be no defect, crack, concave-convex,scratch,dead pixels. And the spot should be less than 0.15 mm.
C. The display frame for lens and screen should not be out position when they are being assembled.The size for the black frame should be the same and there is ont any incline.

A. The lens and frame must be installed closely.No position offset, no gap, no glue overflow and no tackles in all around of lens and frame.
B. The frame should be installed closely with the housing.
C. There should be no blocking,broken and deficiency in every screw hole of the frame.
D.The frame model should be correspond to the smart phone.And there should be no color difference.

Home Button Hole: There should be no broken, cracking, paint off.painting make-up,out of position in all around.The hole must be in circle and the size must be 10.76mm.