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The DBX Membership Points Are Available To Purchase Goods Now!

Good news! Your DBX membership point could be used to buy goods now.
Before you submit the order, you could input the user points on the page, then the final order amount will be reduced at once, 100 points deduct 1 USD.

For example, when you submit an order, enter 2000 points in the points column, then the payment amount can be reduced 20 USD.

To login your dbx account, you could check your points at any time.

How to get DBX Membership Point?

1、Place an order, 1 USD = 1 Point, The order amount doesn't contain the shipping cost.
For example, If you purchase the product amount 1806.3 USD, the shipping cost is 79.52 USD, the final points you could get is 1806 points.

You will receive the corresponding membership point after click the confirm button on our website after receive the package. The points will be sent to your account automatically

2. Make a review, 1 review= 50 Points

After confirm to receive the package then you could make a review.

3. After register on DBX, you could get 10 points. At the same time, login DBX Website
(https://www.dbx.com.cn/register.htm), you could get 2 points each time.

Point Warm tips:.
1.If you returns the goods to us, the corresponding points will be deducted from your membership account.

For example, if your order 5000 USD products (shipping cost not included), you will get 5000 points, if you send back valued 100 USD products, then 100 points will be deducted from your membership account.

2. While you submit the order and use the point deduction but not pay for the order,
after the order is cancelled, the points will be sent back to your account.

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